Thursday, October 4, 2007

So is the Law of Attraction real or just another marketing gimmick?

The Truth About The Law Of Attraction

Everyone is talking about the Secret. From Oprah to David Letterman, it is the new media buzz.

The Secret is a movie about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction has been around since the beginning of mankind but only a select few knew what was it about. Those who knew and understood the law were some of the most successful men of the history of mankind.

The truth is nobody really knows. Law of Attraction can go by any other name but essentially the Law of Attraction is everywhere and is working every single second : Whatever you think about and focus on, you will bring about. This is a proven fact based on many examples of famous men in the history of mankind. Thomas Edison, a man that changed the history of men totally, had never gave up his dream even though he kept failing. It is this unwavering focus and determined drive which he had that eventually brought or "attracted" what he wanted.

However, many men and women found much difficulty in using the Law of Attraction to bring about the things that they want in life. In the end, most of these men and women often ended up proclaiming that the Law of Attraction does not work.

There are 3 things that can thwart your effort in using the Law of Attraction :

1. Doubt.
When you have even a tiniest doubt about the Law of Attraction, whatever it is that you are trying to attract will move further away from you. Having doubt in yourself or your own instinct will also deter the attraction. Why? The Universe will often in its own way, present to you opportunities to help you but you may not have jumped at these opportunities due to your doubt.

2. Negativity.
When you focus on negative thoughts like "I do not want debt in my life", more debt will come into your life instead. The Universe does not understand "I want" vs "I do not want". It only knows that it will give to you whatever thing you focus on. Thus, why not focus on "I am a millionaire on 31st January 2009" instead?

3. Taking No Action.
This may be due to your laziness or due to self doubt as in Point 1. Imagine having the best no-risk opportunities presented to you but yet you do not take action, do you think you will be able to successfully attract all the things you want in your life?

Once you can eliminate the above points, the Universe will start arranging the events in your life to attract the things that you want into your life. All you have to do is be patient, be grateful to whatever you have now and never give up. To accelerate the process of attracting, start focusing and visualizing what you want every single day.

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