Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spiritual formation forum denver

The Spiritual Formation Forum (SFF; formerly the Center for Personal and Relational Growth, CPRG) is a nonprofit organization increasing collaboration among leaders in Christian ministries worldwide who are committed to biblically defined and Holy Spirit energized spiritual formation within and through their ministries. This ministry stimulates genuine spiritual formation in the various ministry arms of the church as a means of helping Christians fulfill their calling to be salt and light in the world through living a Christ-like life. The SFF sponsors spiritual formation discussion forums, articulates models of spiritual formation, provides training opportunities for ministry leaders, and encourages them to implement appropriate models in their spheres of ministry (e.g., in local churches, denominations, Christian colleges and seminaries, international ministries, soul care, campus ministry groups, and other para-church ministry

organizations).The Forum is committed to in depth biblical spirituality in the lives of those who have put their trust solely in the pure Gospel of salvation by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ our Lord. At the core of this spirituality is intimacy with God through the presence of the Holy Spirit who also works in us and among us to conform us to the image of Christ, bind us together in community, and empower us as servants of God to spread the Gospel and live as salt and light in the world."Spiritual Formation" is increasingly becoming a term used in many different kinds of evangelical ministry settings for building depth and commitment into the lives of individual Christians and their communities of faith.

This common ground between ministries offers us an opportunity to unify evangelicals and their ministry institutions in pursuit of true godliness of life and effectiveness of ministry in the church worldwide.The Spiritual Formation Forum intends to provide an open forum discussion and fellowship context in which we can meaningfully pursue this unity together based on our common concern for spiritual formation in the various arms of the church.

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