Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dreaming of Life

Lose Your Dream, Lose Your Life!

In New York City, a young cop by the name of Joseph was shot in the left eye and right knee during an arrest operation. 3 months later, he was discharged from the hospital and he is a totally different person.

Once a macho, high-spirited handsome young chap, he now was blind and lame. The New York City’s government and other organizations awarded him lots of medals for what he had done. During an interview, a reporter asked him: “How are you going to face such a great change in your life now?” “The criminal is still on the loose and I want to arrest him with my own hands!” He answered with fury in the eye that escaped the shot.

From then onwards, despite dissuasion from all levels, he participated in all arrest operations for that criminal. He had almost gone all over America. Once he even flew to Europe for a minor clue.

9 years later, the criminal was finally caught somewhere in a small country in Asia. Joseph, of course, played a key role in the arrest. He became a hero again. Everybody called him the toughest and bravest man in USA. Not long after, Joseph cut his wrist and died in his own apartment. He left a message that read like this: “All these years, arresting the criminal was my only reason for living. Now that he who has injured me has been brought to justice, my hatred is gone. And so is my reason for living. I have never felt so despair over my handicap.”

Losing a healthy eye or leg is a great distress. But losing your aim or meaning in life after that would mean losing everything. And that is truly tragic. Please do not lose your dream or aim or meaning in life because you need them to keep you alive.

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