Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Knock The Competition!

Fifty-five years ago, when I was 17, living in Miami Beach, Florida, my brother-in-law and I represented a manufacturer of wrought iron TV tables, (Stands) from St. Louis.

Just in case you might not know, when TV was in its infancy, many people bought what was referred to as Table model or portable TV sets. The largest screen at that time may have been 16 diagonal. The decisive factor for the innovative Portable TV sets was they had a handle. Despite the fact they probably weighed 45 or more pounds, you could carry it from one room to another. This was way before anybody dreamed of having more than one set.

These first models were very popular because they were the least expensive. But most buyers had no place to put them. This generated a great demand for TV tables upon which to put the TV. Some were wood but most were made of wrought iron, painted flat black. They came in a flat carton KD; knocked down. That is you would assemble them at home. They had adjustable side arms and some came with wheels and were heavier metal, with other refinements, such as brass plated.

We went to sell them to a TV store in North Miami that I heard was using a lot of tables. When we got there we noticed quite a few on display. When the owner of the store came out to see what we had, we opened our catalogue and showed him all the various models available.

Then we compared the tables on his showroom floor to ours and told him how inferior his were. From the paint to the sturdiness, size of the tubing, wheels and so on. 2 When we were finished bashing, he said, These are your tables! I bought them direct, before you became the representatives for the factory!

Well! There wasnt any hole big enough for me to crawl into and I had to just stand there, completely admonished, ashamed and totally embarrassed. What a horrible situation. I felt so stupid!

As it turned out, the owner was a very nice man and the uncle of one of my teachers. So he forgave us and even placed a reorder. Later that night I told my father what had happened. And he said next time instead of knocking the competition


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