Friday, June 27, 2008

Why Do You Need to Rid Your Life of Stress

Good or bad, you will always have challenges in life. Oftentimes, the struggles you face will be happy trials, because you can see the positive end result. However, at other times, you trials will seem like a millstone around your neck, causing a great deal of unhappiness and anxiety. So, learn why you need to rid your life of stress, and learn the coping mechanisms lending to contentment in life.

First, unless you get a handle on your stress, it will adversely affect your health. For example, anxiety has a negative effect on blood pressure. Although not the direct cause, always being uptight can only make the problem worse. As most of us know, the end result can be debilitating and even deadly diseases. As the great Bob Proctor said, look at the word disease. It'5A8s merely your body being at dis-ease

One of the most deadly illnesses to come to mind is a heart attack. Medically speaking, you may already have the precursors to an episode, but the majority of people generally experience the pain and full arrest after periods of physical or mental stress. Anxiety is basically the straw that broke the camels back. It's also been proven that stress can potentially activate cancer cells in your body.

The same can be said for strokes. Stress is not the primary cause, but it is definitely a contributor to this often fatal disease. So, in addition to taking care of your physical health, you need to be mentally well. Nevertheless, your physical and mental condition is not the only reason to rid your life of stress.

Anxiety will influence your productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Being on top of your game is good; but, being constantly stressed will not only make it difficult to stay on task and do the best job possible. In fact, you stress can also influence the lives of your coworkers and the atmosphere at work in general. In addition, how you react to stress may also determine whether you get a promotion or retain your position if your place of employment downsizes.

If your health and your job are being influenced by stress, you can bank on your home life suffering as well. Anxiety will infiltrate your relationships with friends, a spouse, children, or anyon576e else that is important in your life. No matter how hard you try, your inner turmoil will be a source of contention in your personal interactions as well.

Now you know why you need to rid your life of stress. Fortunately, if you want to change how you approach challenges in life, and make anxiety a thing of the past, help is available. Do not wait until all facets of your life have been permeated by tension. You can learn to live stress free.

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