Sunday, April 27, 2008

Choose Your Dream Job and Make Money Working from Home

Book illustrator, fashion designer, race car driver. What kind of career would you want for yourself? If you are not sure, stay tuned. Perhaps the following ideas will help you choose your dream job and make money working from home.

Each one of these easy home businesses is fun to run and does not require a lot of start-up cash.

Sound too good to be true? It is not. Just read on and see for yourself.

1.) Consulting Business - Now, if you have a lot of knowledge or skills, they may be worth big money. Customers are interested in all kinds of areas - painting portraits, losing weight, dressing to look thin, deep sea diving, and making money. Do a little research on the Web to determine which areas are the hottest. Be sure to join associations for consultants such as the Association of Independent Consultants.

2) Service Agency - As the owner of a service agency, you market popular services to the entire community. Typical services include those of a handyman, a party planner, a wedding planner, a gardener, a plumber, an electrician, a car service, an errand runner, a dog walker, and a car mechanic. Contract first with qualified service providers and work out your commission. This is a booming business.

3.) Business Office - Most small business owners are glad to hire someone take on the day-to-day running of their office. Answering telephones, taking orders, keeping books, answering mail, and talking with suppliers are all tasks you can help them with. Once you have enough clients, you can outsource most of this work.

4) Wealth Coach - As a wealth coach, you help clients gain control of their financial affairs. Although you are not a debt counselor, or a financial planner, your job is to help clients do 3 things. Save more, spend less, and earn more. You might offer finding student loans for college-age children, reining in extravagant spending, obtaining a higher interest rate on savings, and discovering a new earnings source.

5) Cake Decorator - Make no mistake. Cake decorating pays off big. Most cake decorators have as their clients - restaurants, hotels, schools, country clubs, hospitals, bakeries, and other institutions that serve food. Usually, clients want their cakes delivered early in the morning. It is easiest to hire a delivery service and charge the client extra for this convenience. Check to see if the kitchen you use for baking must be inspected by your local Board of Health.

How was that? Did you get some ideas for your own home based business? Remember, just a kernel of an idea can help you choose your dream job and make money working from home. In the meantime, stay tuned for other great business ideas in my future articles.

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