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Obama or Hillary - Whose Dream for America?

Despite today turmoil, America is still a dream land. That's why a poor from any continent or country will leave, when possible, his culture, his friends and his land to embrace the American dream. That's why a Mexican will risk his life in the desert, escaping snakes, braving heat to reach America. For the same reason, young people sensing some potentials in them will leave their country to try their luck and forge a destiny made of wealth and happiness.

When people fear for their safety, they chose America for safe heaven. In America, they might go from nothing to realising their dreams. When people are facing starvation, they dream to get to America to escape hunger. When academics face no recognition at home, they dream to get to America to be recognized as such. And in America they will be valued, they will enhance all their potentials and they will transform the country.

By helping people from any corner of the world to realise their dreams, America has benefited also from an unquestionable loyalty and patriotism from the people It has welcomed. These people made America a home. They kept alive the dream and they worked hard to pass the flame to their posterity. Unlike other countries, America host not only people from around the world but integrate them and Americanize their emotions, their energies...All try hard to secure the benefits of freedom, wealth for themselves and for future generations.

This year, we are living another aspect of the American dream: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The first is young, first time senator, campaigning against the bulldozer Hillary Clinton whose husband defeated George Bush in presidential elections. The second is a lady trashing polls prognostics and forcing history to become the first president in a country dominated by men.

For the first time, we are having someone who will not mention participation to the Vietnam war as political gain. For the first time, after years, we are having someone who will not claim a nam111Ce or experience to support his political ambitions. What does Obama represent for the American dream today? Does he re-actualize the dream? Yes. How?

This year preliminary elections give us a tango on America ability to rock on the thematic history of dream. Will Hillary become the first President woman in America? Will Obama become the first black President? We agree that not voting for Hillary only because of her gender is a political and intellectual regression. Also, not voting for Obama because he is black is degenerating as well.

Saying that, last week after watching the New Hampshire elections, I decided to visit Chapters indigo in Toronto to purchase books on Obama and Hillary. I wanted to do some quality reading on the two candidates. My deception and choc was to find that Obama did not have one book on the shelves, while Hillary had several every where... I really like the two candidates because they are coming to shake our cultural and political habits: a woman running for President, a black running for President. I wanted to read by myself their political thoughts.


Obama amazes by his candor. He has clear talk and there is no doubt that what is thought clearly can be said also clearly. During this campaign we heard some revelations from the two candidates on key issues within the Senate. In 2001. Hillary voted for a Bankruptcy bill. During the primaries campaign, she said that she was happy that the Bill did not pass. Hillary has also revealed that Obama had received money for his campaign for a corrupt mcne. Later on, Obama refunded the $40.000 by giving the money to a charity organisation. This hot exchange in South Carolina has shown that politicians can say one thing and its contrary. It raises the question accountability and ethics in governance. Lack of ethics in governance is more often at the basis of bad governance for which no country in the world is immunised!

Our hope is to have a president who has clear talk, clear thinking and strong ethics in governance. America needs a president of clear actions based on clear talks, thinking and solid ethics.


In one of his speech in Dillon, Obama said that people judgement has been misguided by fear : fear of immigrants, fear of the difference. Whites are afraid of blacks, vice-versa. Politicians have exploited this to suit their interests. Language of fear is exclusive. It opposes races, regions, states, privileges...Obama's win in Iowa has shown clearly that America is in search of someone who does not exploit differences for his interests. His victory also in South Carolina shows also that he is able to build a coalition going behind races, group age, gender and by doing so he is giving to America its place under the sun and in the world. Clearing the language of fear, he is proposing the language of hope, clarity and proactive actions. In Carolina, he was surrounded by youth from various ethnic background ready of offer a clear historic choice to America: a new young and fresh politician who happens to be black.

BBC's Kevin Connely in Coumbia, South Carolina recalled an old vietnamese saying It's what makes a transformational election. This is something different. He's not a fringe candidate, he's a mainstream candidate. He has lit this country on fire, he has inspired this country. Every place you go, he is turning out crowds that Hillary Clinton cannot match, that Edwards cannot match. It's magical and it's wonderful for the country and for the world 1


For years, Politics has been an exciting area where ideology was coming to meet practice. Politicians, according to Plato, where people to govern the state with a flavour of Ideology made for the common good. This perception made politics likable till the advent of merchant politicians. Merchant politicians are reach people who do politics to keep their privileges and to safeguard the status quo. French Revolution succeeded to overthrow this way of doing politics. Then, this century's bourgeoisie brought it back with new riches in politics. The 68 Movement shaked the world reminding the rich of the values of freedom, equity and fairness. Obama echoes the May Movement with its language of ideology5B4, vertu, hope and dream for a better world when youth aims at higher than materialism, divisions and ecclectims.

Obama ca win elections and become US president. He has a credible chance to win. If he wins, he will transform America and its dream will be fresh as ever in a multicultural society. Hillary also has a credible chance to win elections. In either way, voting for Obama or Hillary will top up the american dream. It is an enormous change in the direction of post-modernism. It will reveal what makes the strength of America: hope and change.

Obama is draining youth in politics in numbers. He made the population to get interested into politics. When someone brings politics as ideology, no matter his race, age or political affiliation any man of good faith and common sense can identify with.


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