Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Reality About Destiny And Fate

The common perception about destiny and fate in our society is that they are set in stone. They are some place that we are meant to go to or something we are meant to have or be or do. The other perception is that some things are destiny or fate and other things are not. Usually the things that come across as coming to us out of luck are usually labeled destiny or fate and the things that are bad or we don't want in our lives are juA0Ast bad things that happen to good people. What I urge you to understand is that there is no blue print in the sky that states what we should or should not have, do, or be. There is no higher power who says that you will get this while I don't or I get that while you get nothing. We attract everything that is in our lives to ourselves, and we create everything we get with our thoughts.

Take a look around your life. Go ahead, I won't watch. Take note of everything that has happened to you and everything that is happening to you and everything you have and have had. All of that, every last bit of it is there or has been there because you attracted it to you with your decisions. Your decisions include the things you have thought about and currently think about. Your decisions include the emotional states you allow yourself to be in. Everything in your life has been created and attracted to you because of those decisions. They were not brought to you by some higher power. Both the good and the bad are there because of what you choose to focus on and feel on a regular basis.

We design our own destiny and fate by the choices that we make. Our lives will or will not be what we want it to be because of those decisions. Our career, our love life, our financial situation. Everything in our lives is what it is because of the decisions we make. They are what they are because of what we choose to feel and think on a regular basis. Just as importantly, they are what they are because of what we don't choose to think about and feel about. Those emotions and thoughts that are there that we take absolutely no effort or control over.

Our lives are designed as much by the choices we make as they are by the choices we don't make. Not making a decision when one is needed is just as much a problem as making a bad one. Often times people miss opportunities simply because of their inability to make a decision about something when a decision is needed. Often times our lives are designed by the decisions and choices we fail to make. The time you should have bought that stock but decided not to. The time you should have talked to that guy or girl, and chose not to. The time you should have gone here instead of there or done this instead of that. The world is full of infinite possibility. Choose your moment to moment experience very carefully as it dictates what the next moment will be like.

Dwayne Gilbert is the founder of 49Ehttp://www.wealthylifesecrets.com and has been helping people in the area of self-protection and personal development for 10 years. He has authored some of his own books and currently teaches people self-defense and personal development strategies and tactics. To get more information on the law of attraction and how to apply it, visit http://www.wealthylifesecrets.com

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