Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Understanding How Women Attract Men

The dating scene is populated with two types of people - the haves and the have-nots. While the first group enjoys a steady stream of suitors and relishes in the excitement of romance, the have-nots are left alone wondering why they can't seem to find the right person. For women in particular, the latter can be frustrating since it is often the men who initiate the dating process. But understand how women attract men can go a long way to improving the fortunes of those who are struggling to garner attention from them.

Looks Aren't Everything

One of the first mistakes than many women make when trying to attract men focusing too much on their appearance. They become so obsessed about how they look that either go overboard on cosmetic enhancements or they attribute every lost dating opportunity to the fact that they didn't wear the right outfit. Of course we all know that appearance is a big part of first impressions, but bringing too much attention to your looks can be overwhelming to men. They can become intimidated by your high standards and you can come across as too uptight if you are always dressed to the nines. The best advice is to look nice, but be careful not to present yourself as plastic or untouchable.

Compatible Interests

It may be hard for some women to believe, but men do think about other things than sex. Considering that most of the waking hours of a relationship5B4 are spent outside of the bedroom, it is safe to say that you will need to appeal to a man's general interests and hobbies if you are going to attract them. This doesn't men you have to start playing basketball, but it does infer that you should have a well-rounded approach to life. Stay in the know with recent events, and become familiar with the attractions of your city. You need to be able to entertain your date with more than just talk about work and family.

Curiosity Attracts

It can be tempting to ramble on about yourself when you meet someone new. You may not have dated in a while and you are starving for someone to listen to your stories. However, you should be careful about divulging everything about your personal life. You want your man to become curious about you so that he keeps coming back for more. By leaving hints and suggestions that you have much more to offer him in the future, you will peak his interest and keep him hooked. Men love to fantasize about the potential of a woman, and they soon lose their interest when they feel they already know everything about someone. Use this to your advantage by keeping the plot moving along like a good book.

Most women dealing with frustrations in the dating arena are too hard on themselves. They think they lack the good looks and personality needed to attract a man. The truth is that it is often only their presentation that needs some tweaking. 41BBy understand how men think and what they want, you can take your own unique attributes and feed them to your date in a way that keeps them wanting more. Just remember to be yourself, have fun, and slowly reveal your inner secrets.

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